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Current Progress, MXB Shop and 2023..

Hi all, it’s been a while and probably time for an update. The first bit of news is this pack will be available on MXB Shop. I wanted to distribute it myself but for a start, setting up a distribution system was massively eating into my track building time, and also, the shop seems somewhat … Read more



Welcome to TFC Mods! I’ve created this website for somewhere to show my development progress and to host the DLC when released.

My current project: 2020 AMA National series This project will include all rounds scheduled for 2020. I know it’s a bit late now for 2020 but I still feel there’s value in making this series. I’ve made Red Bud and Ironman in the past and from what I can tell these are two well loved tracks, but my version of Red Bud is very old and needs remaking, and my version of Ironman was the last of the old layout, and was way too high detail causing issues for many performance wise, so there is definitely good reason to remake both.

My track lineup for the 2020 AMA National Series will follow the series that was scheduled, not the one that we got.

These tracks are going to be consistantly made and will be perfect for race series, one off events and practice. They will include all the latest MXB capabilities (like holeshot award and soft collisions). For a full breakdown of what’s going to be included in these tracks, please check out the Project Page. Be sure to follow the Development Page for regular updates as I’m constantly working on these tracks and want to keep people up to date. I’ll be posting about assets, heightmaps, moddeling, textures, software, normal maps etc.. And of course I will be including videos of work in progress tracks at various stages of development.