Asset Progression 1: Polaris Ranger

Hi all, welcome to my first development post. I’m planning on posting about a few different things but for the most part it will all revolve around track development for those of you who are interested. Currently working on assets for my upcoming 2020 AMA series DLC. I want to add as much authenticity to this series as possible and this is just one of the vehicles I’ve made.You see these regularly parked around American MX tracks in harder to walk to spots (like the top of Mt. Martin for example).. I’m doing my best to keep the number of tri’s down while maintaining a certain level of quality. I want these tracks to perform just as good as they look.  

Keep an eye out for further updates. I’m working on these tracks all the time and already have a ton of assets made. I’ll be showcasing the ones that I think are worthwhile and I’ll also be posting about models in progress.


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