Asset Progression 2: Track Vehicles

Hey all.

Thanks so much to everyone who as so far shared this site and signed up for updates. I really appreciate it!

Partly, the reason I want people to share this stuff is so people don’t work on something that I’m eventually going to release. Don’t get me wrong – People can make whatever they want, but who knows someone might be about to start their own version of WW Ranch tomorrow and they might skip it and make something else if they knew it was being worked on.

So, still making assets. I thought I’d share a few screenshots of some vehicles you see at most tracks in one place or another. These are the same as the Polaris, and will be the same throughout – where the tri count is kept as minimal as possible while still making the model look good.

I haven’t made normal maps for these objects yet – I tend to do that as I start importing them into FBX format probably because that’s when I set up the shader files. I will be posting about normal maps once I’ve done them.


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