Asset Progression 3: Race Trucks

Who doesn’t love a race team truck? I’m doing at a bare minimum all the factory team race trucks which are pretty much complete.

I’m sticking to the theme of low poly high performance good looking. This truck is based off the Volvo that is commonly used. I know it’s not the only truck used but it’s close enough to support every one without me having to make more than one base texture and model shape. I spent a long time watching lots of The Weege Show pre and post race pit walk discussions to get as many angles on the 2020 trucks as possible. This way, everything you see is 95% correct for the year. This is the level of recreation I am attempting to bring to MX-Bikes, although some of the trucks have lots of small sponsor logos which I didn’t recreate as they would have looked terrible due to resolution. For this, I took the main ones and made them larger to ensure they still looked good.

This truck model and all the different race team textures will look even better with normal, spec and reflection maps but I probably won’t get to that until I start importing the objects into EDF’s.

Each race tracks pit area will contain factory team trucks along with smaller vehicles, tents and other objects. Practice versions will most likely have smaller vehicles and tents, similar to my current version of Ironman.


As you can see from the wireframe the truck itself is a very simple model. The normal map will help the details pop out and the reflection map will give the trucks the realistic reflective look they need to look right.

Some trucks such as the Alpinestars Medical Unit truck have a different bulkhead in the back as you can see, it has a slightly protruded shape. This was easily adjusted from the stock model without needing to make a new back, and uses the same texture map.


The feather flag model will be usable elsewhere and was actually made earlier on, but since lots of teams use them I’ve included them as part of a few of the truck models.


I think I only have one left to do, as for factory teams anyway. I’ve already added the Alpinestars Medical Unit (A must have!) and a Dunlop truck. I will also be adding a Pirelli truck and possibly a couple of others depending on how much of this stuff will actually be visible from the track. Next job for vehicles will be crowd area shops, fast food vendor trucks and small vehicles like pickups and campers and these will most likely be updated from the Ironman vehicles.


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    • Thanks Bryan. Currently these assets are being created for my upcoming AMA National DLC so won’t actually be publically released. I’ll consider it in the future though for sure!


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