Asset Progression 4: Track Markers & Inflatables

These are some I’ve been sitting on for a while. I wanted a really good quality track marker and X-Mod model to use (Or as you probably know it the Spongebob).

The spongebob is probably a slightly higher tri count than I would have liked, but It was really important to me that it looked good, as a plain square Spongebob with painted on holes is not good enough!

The X-Mod is going to look great with normal and spec maps as it should give it a lot more texture, and make the moulded Acerbis logo really pop.

I thought while I was at it, the acerbis catalogue also had feather flags which I figured I’d make too. It’s amazing how many times you see these things but never think of moddeling them for tracks. They’re everywhere and I already have a ton of choice in texture and it’s easy to make more as I have a template for all my objects.

Also, I’ve been watching litteraly tons of GoPro, TV broadcast and independant footage of the 2019 & 2020 AMA series. I still have a few more to make but here are some inflatables that are finished.

Disclaimer though: I WILL NOT be making the Geico inflatable. 2 Reasons and I’m sure if you’re reading this you already know. 1. Geico Honda is done so the model won’t be reusable next year, and 2. It’s a bloody complex model 😀

Any track side objects you guys would like to see? Any specific inflatables, flags, shops, fast food vendors, trucks, Let me know in the comments below or in the forum topic and I’ll add it if it’s reasonable!


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