Track Progression: Fox Raceway & Progress Tracker!

Hey all,

I’ve not posted recently as I’ve just been getting on with it in my spare time. Good news is the heightmap and real world background are complete for Hangtown, textures are 90% done and I’ve moved on to Fox Raceway. My plan is to get heightmaps, textures and background ready for all tracks before moving on to objects as I think this will give a much more consistent look and quality.

Be sure to head over to the projects page to check out my new Progress Tracker. This shows what percentage each track is to completion.

Fox Raceway development is in full swing. The heightmap has had to be 4097 x 2049 as Fox has a more rectangular shape overall and the pit area extends behind the start gate. So far, all the jumps, walls, rollers, berms and inside lines are complete. The next phase of heightmap work will be track edges and then it will be off track and pit environment then it will be time to texture.

I’ve been meaning to record a lap on Hangtown. I’ll get that done for the next update and hopefully by then I might have something to show from Fox too. For now, here’s where I’m at:

The track rides great. I have too many favourite sections to choose just one. It always amazes me how you don’t think something will work in game because it’s a game, but when you get in to test it rides just like it looks like it should from GoPro and Moto footage.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out the layout for 2020 since it changed from both 2019 AND the MX VS ATV Trackmap (that thing was useless). It also doesn’t help that other references for 2020 weren’t available – So when I get super stuck I have to refer to other games but this one was tough since as far as I can tell, there is no 2020 version of Fox in any game yet.

I actually recently bought MX VS ATV All Out and got the Pro Motocross DLC so I can go off track and check out some of the stuff they might have been able to map out in person. This will be helpful going forward especially when I move on to objects, and although they’ve done a great job with their replica tracks they’re still far from perfect so I’ll only be using them to reference off track and environment.


8 thoughts on “Track Progression: Fox Raceway & Progress Tracker!”

  1. Hey TFC,
    Would you be able to post the most basic tracks along with the complete tracks?
    That would be without the people, trees, houses, etc and rather just the track and the basic track markers.
    I am running windows on my mac so, in order for the game to perform well, I can only use simple tracks.
    -This is just a request so if it causes you any inconveniences, feel free to just ignore this message.

    • I won’t be releasing bare tracks with no objects but I will be releasing 2 versions of each track – One will be full race with objects and the other will be non race with no banners and race objects just regular environment.

  2. Just make sure to make the tracks wide so the inside and outsides lines actually make a difference. A good reference is the new 2020 Lorreta’s Pro National the corners in that track are the best in the game so far. Ist person view really screws up the width because the bars on a bike are about2 1/2 wide IRL but in the game, they are almost half the width of the track on most tracks. I know you wanna do 1:1 scaling but it just doesn’t work out the right way in 3rd person its a lot closer but the game is built to be played in 1st person which is why there is a forced cockpit option. Your stuff is always amazing the best out there but go check out Loretta Lynns 2020 Pro National and you will see what I am talking about with the corners

    • Hey FTG. Thanks for the request. I disagree that 1:1 tracks don’t work as Red Bud and Unadilla are both 1:1 and have been firm favorites for tons of riders for years. I do agree that narrow tracks can be quite difficult though, depending on the layout. I will do my best to make sure that these tracks are rideable and enjoyable and if that means some of them need to be slightly larger than 1:1 or the track widths need to be slightly exaggerated then it will only be better overall.

      However, if a track is well known for having a narrow section it would be stupid to ruin that, just like making an off camber corner flatter to make it easier to ride. I’m not here to discredit real life tracks I’m doing my best to celebrate them.


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