Track Progression Preview Video: Fox Raceway

First off, happy new year! I don’t see how 2021 can be worse than 2020. Here’s to a good one for you all.

I spent some time this morning setting up a template for track previews so you guys can check out how the tracks are riding. So far I’ve recorded on Fox, Southwick and Hangtown and will upload the others shortly. For now though, check out Fox Raceway 2020 Pro & Vet tracks in the preview video below.

Disclaimer though, the vet track is just for fun – I had no intention of making it initially but couldn’t really leave it out especially as it’s a big part of the track map area. It’s not perfect, it’s not meant to be, it’s an easter egg more than anything.

The textures are nearly there, the track background is done, the heightmap rides really nicely (need to add a couple of inside lines) but on the whole I’m really happy with it. One thing that is NOT done is the 3d grass. It is at an experimental stage in this video so please don’t tell me how bad it looks I’m well aware! I’m debating using more object based foliage rather than relying on the resource hungry 3d grass for the big desert bushes.

I normally ride a CRF450r or a YZ250f when testing and track building (although I eventually test on all bikes) but for fun laps I can’t get enough of the 2017 YZ250. It’s not the best model but something about riding it in first person ticks all the boxes for me especially with Beyers sounds. Enjoy!


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