Track Progression Preview Video: Southwick

Southwick 2020!

We didn’t get a Southwick in 2020 unfortunately (definitely one of my favourite rounds) so the only thing I can base it off is what we were most likely going to get. Well it doesn’t change much often except for when it was reversed.. One change is going to be the pro version gets the grandstand thing by the mound next to the start funnel where the practice version (in the video) has the standard Southwick hut.

This track feels amazing to ride. The pre set deformation is just enough to give it a real sandy feel, the rollers are wavey and there are quite a few multiple line choices.

I’m very happy with the environment on Southwick. The trees have been reworked and look fantastic, the off track area took a lot of work but I’ve tried to be true to the track itself so you even have the American Legion Post 338 building re created in what I’d call enough detail. There are a lot of very bespoke objects on tracks like Southwick which can make the object side of things a very lengthy process (especially when you can’t find good reference pictures) but it’s also one of the most enjoyable things for me as a track maker to get stuck into.

Remember Southwick is SUPPOSED to be rough!


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