Track Progression Preview Video: WW Ranch 2020 Corners Inside Lines and Tweaks

I recently asked on Discord if people would rather see plain trackwalks of finished heightmaps and tracks, track making videos or Blender videos. It seems like most people want to see track making which is good by me.

Here’s the first one. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve how I show my track making progress, or if there’s anything specific you guys want to see. Check out the latest video where I start working on berms, inside and outside ruts and do a bit of general updating of the heightmap. Hopefully this helps you guys get an idea of the effort that goes into making these tracks and maybe some of you can pick up a few techniques along the way.

Coming next I’ll show a video on how I texture WW Ranch, although I already have a bunch of pre made textures ready to go for this pack so it might not explain a huge amount, I hope the technique could at least be useful and if nothing else it shows the work going into these tracks.

Also, I made a new intro. I’m pretty happy with the video format so far but will mix it up from time to time.


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