Track Progression Preview Video: WW Ranch 2020 Raw Laps

WW Ranch heightmap and textures are complete! I feel like I am on a roll now.. I only have 3 more heightmaps to create – Spring Creek, Budds Creek and Wshougal. The rest (Red Bud, Unadilla and Ironman) I have previous versions that will be brought up to current quality and have updates where elevation was slightly out and quality needs improving and in the case of Ironman the new layout needs finishing.

I’m excited to do Budds and Washougal as we have had these in game in stock form (Maryland and Washington) for a long time now and I’m curious to see how my versions will stack up.

Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to seeing more in the way of track development like texturing and maybe more heightmap work. I recorded some footage and had some problems – I’ve recently switched from an old version of Premiere to Davinci Resolve and I think all teething issues are resolved. I’ll make sure the next track I do from scratch I will record some texturing techniques and other development bits.

Anyway for now enjoy this one! WW rides really well although this video a lot of the berms and inside lines are blown out as I don’t tend to reset the deform during development if I can help it. Some purposefully ridden pre made deform will be included but it will be lighter than this.





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