1:1 Scale Vs. Overscaled

Sorry it’s been a while. I’m still working on things, it’s just been a difficult few months to get through more work than I ever thought I would have in my spare time.

I’m not going to type too much, I’ve said pretty much all I wanted to say in the video regarding whether we should be replicating tracks in 1:1 scale or not. Surprisingly I’ve still had a couple of people tell me that overscaled tracks are ‘more accurate’, and 1:1 tracks become ‘one lined’ which I just can’t understand!

More fun, subjective. How exactly do overscaled tracks offer more lines? Instead of hitting everything WFO you have to slow down and tread carefully, this increases the skill gap.

It’s funny. We all bought the ability to ride like JS7, you get MX Bikes and you can scrub, whip, clear 80 foot jumps and not worry about the consequences of getting it wrong. I think that plays a big part in why people all of a sudden think clearing big jumps is ‘too easy’ in game. Maybe if you just pinned it for once in real life you’d realise it’s not as hard as you thought.. Or maybe you’d end up in hospital. Probably best not to try..



4 thoughts on “1:1 Scale Vs. Overscaled”

  1. all i see is a lot of effort to convince former MXS riders that your tracks are 1:1 for real and that it’s better like this. And that’s a waist of time !!! lol just kidding. Your scale always have been the best out there. your track are to best to race on, since always, cuz you’re the one who put the most time and effort in your projects. hardcore players like me would like to see more roughness may be but that’s very subjective. plaleta is too rough for some people soo… just do it like you want it to be man. And again, thank you. Thanks a LOT

    • Thanks Stoney. You’re right though, I’m pretty much done discussing it! You’re also right about roughness. I was convinced that my tracks were too rough for the community so I made them less rough, and that resulted in faster lap times than real life. Now people are saying the laptimes are not realistic. Can’t win!!

      • i can’t imagine how hard can it be to keep a realistic laptime. I tried to do so for the SX, nailed it on 4 or 5 tracks only.. lol btw i can try them if you need too, so you can see my laptimes ? 😛

  2. Keep up good work man ! I’m ready for these tracks with your scaling making it more realistic aswell. Please keep the roughness man lol I think makes for better racing and not as one lined once braking bumps start to settle Imo. Just kills my how the community can complain when they’re not ones putting in all the work and all most have to say is negative comments. Keep up the grind man !!


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