Track Progression Washougal Video

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated the news but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy. I’ve got a couple more tracks heightmap and textures mostly done since my last update and the latest one is Washougal.

I wanted to show this one off for two reasons. Firstly because its the first track I’ve made that already exists as a stock track. It’s an interesting comparison to me.. I think Snappe did an amazing job with the stock Washougal and there are a lot of similarities but I have a few bits I think are hopefully a bit more accurate from my perspective and other bits that are a bit more rough and realistic.

The second reason is because it’s the first one to have my new method of  background and skydome implemented. I’ve now done it on every other track I have completed the heightmap and textures for in clear, cloudy and rainy. It’s meant I’ve noticed how dull some of my textures were and I’m now blitzing them all again one by one trying to brighten them up. Oddly, not done it on Washougal yet but I will be matching the track and grass textures to the background soon.

Anyway. Let me know what you guys think.


4 thoughts on “Track Progression Washougal Video”

  1. Can’t wait for the new tracks, killer job TFC. We are lucky to have a real G like you helping the community and building awesome tracks thanks, man. Love the new Video Washougal is looking so good, cant wait to rip laps on it.

  2. Towards the ending of the track like after the finish line there’s a sharp left corner then a S turn then the down hill into that left turn, I didn’t notice if it was in there but you should add that & if the ruts are like that you should leave it that way as well but other than that bad ass track btw the spaces between the whoops should be taken away basically made to where you can either hit them as whoops or jump them at that point you have to jump them because the gaps are too big also for the next video if it’s not that big of a hassle you should add the banners on the side’s of the track so it brings more attention to the track.

  3. Im so hyped for this pack. All your tracks are so much fun and the level of quality is incredible. thank you for everything you are doing.


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