Asset Progression 5: Speaker Crane Speed Build

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what goes into developing assets for the AMA pack. I’m doing all the work myself which means things are going to take longer than if I was working with a team or using pre made purchased assets. I hope this means that in the end the entire series is going to look perfect. My plan is that each track will have the same world quality so this crane is designed to be both low poly for good performance, but also the look is consistent with the other vehicles I’ve made. I will also be adding normal maps before getting it in game so may return for a part 2 video at some point.

Enjoy, please share, and please


Asset Progression 4: Track Markers & Inflatables

These are some I’ve been sitting on for a while. I wanted a really good quality track marker and X-Mod model to use (Or as you probably know it the Spongebob).

The spongebob is probably a slightly higher tri count than I would have liked, but It was really important to me that it looked good, as a plain square Spongebob with painted on holes is not good enough!

The X-Mod is going to look great with normal and spec maps as it should give it a lot more texture, and make the moulded Acerbis logo really pop.

I thought while I was at it, the acerbis catalogue also had feather flags which I figured I’d make too. It’s amazing how many times you see these things but never think of moddeling them for tracks. They’re everywhere and I already have a ton of choice in texture and it’s easy to make more as I have a template for all my objects.

Also, I’ve been watching litteraly tons of GoPro, TV broadcast and independant footage of the 2019 & 2020 AMA series. I still have a few more to make but here are some inflatables that are finished.

Disclaimer though: I WILL NOT be making the Geico inflatable. 2 Reasons and I’m sure if you’re reading this you already know. 1. Geico Honda is done so the model won’t be reusable next year, and 2. It’s a bloody complex model 😀

Any track side objects you guys would like to see? Any specific inflatables, flags, shops, fast food vendors, trucks, Let me know in the comments below or in the forum topic and I’ll add it if it’s reasonable!


Asset Progression 3: Race Trucks

Who doesn’t love a race team truck? I’m doing at a bare minimum all the factory team race trucks which are pretty much complete.

I’m sticking to the theme of low poly high performance good looking. This truck is based off the Volvo that is commonly used. I know it’s not the only truck used but it’s close enough to support every one without me having to make more than one base texture and model shape. I spent a long time watching lots of The Weege Show pre and post race pit walk discussions to get as many angles on the 2020 trucks as possible. This way, everything you see is 95% correct for the year. This is the level of recreation I am attempting to bring to MX-Bikes, although some of the trucks have lots of small sponsor logos which I didn’t recreate as they would have looked terrible due to resolution. For this, I took the main ones and made them larger to ensure they still looked good.

This truck model and all the different race team textures will look even better with normal, spec and reflection maps but I probably won’t get to that until I start importing the objects into EDF’s.

Each race tracks pit area will contain factory team trucks along with smaller vehicles, tents and other objects. Practice versions will most likely have smaller vehicles and tents, similar to my current version of Ironman.


As you can see from the wireframe the truck itself is a very simple model. The normal map will help the details pop out and the reflection map will give the trucks the realistic reflective look they need to look right.

Some trucks such as the Alpinestars Medical Unit truck have a different bulkhead in the back as you can see, it has a slightly protruded shape. This was easily adjusted from the stock model without needing to make a new back, and uses the same texture map.


The feather flag model will be usable elsewhere and was actually made earlier on, but since lots of teams use them I’ve included them as part of a few of the truck models.


I think I only have one left to do, as for factory teams anyway. I’ve already added the Alpinestars Medical Unit (A must have!) and a Dunlop truck. I will also be adding a Pirelli truck and possibly a couple of others depending on how much of this stuff will actually be visible from the track. Next job for vehicles will be crowd area shops, fast food vendor trucks and small vehicles like pickups and campers and these will most likely be updated from the Ironman vehicles.


Asset Progression 2: Track Vehicles

Hey all.

Thanks so much to everyone who as so far shared this site and signed up for updates. I really appreciate it!

Partly, the reason I want people to share this stuff is so people don’t work on something that I’m eventually going to release. Don’t get me wrong – People can make whatever they want, but who knows someone might be about to start their own version of WW Ranch tomorrow and they might skip it and make something else if they knew it was being worked on.

So, still making assets. I thought I’d share a few screenshots of some vehicles you see at most tracks in one place or another. These are the same as the Polaris, and will be the same throughout – where the tri count is kept as minimal as possible while still making the model look good.

I haven’t made normal maps for these objects yet – I tend to do that as I start importing them into FBX format probably because that’s when I set up the shader files. I will be posting about normal maps once I’ve done them.


Asset Progression 1: Polaris Ranger

Hi all, welcome to my first development post. I’m planning on posting about a few different things but for the most part it will all revolve around track development for those of you who are interested. Currently working on assets for my upcoming 2020 AMA series DLC. I want to add as much authenticity to this series as possible and this is just one of the vehicles I’ve made.You see these regularly parked around American MX tracks in harder to walk to spots (like the top of Mt. Martin for example).. I’m doing my best to keep the number of tri’s down while maintaining a certain level of quality. I want these tracks to perform just as good as they look.  

Keep an eye out for further updates. I’m working on these tracks all the time and already have a ton of assets made. I’ll be showcasing the ones that I think are worthwhile and I’ll also be posting about models in progress.