Track Progression: Fox Raceway & Progress Tracker!

Hey all,

I’ve not posted recently as I’ve just been getting on with it in my spare time. Good news is the heightmap and real world background are complete for Hangtown, textures are 90% done and I’ve moved on to Fox Raceway. My plan is to get heightmaps, textures and background ready for all tracks before moving on to objects as I think this will give a much more consistent look and quality.

Be sure to head over to the projects page to check out my new Progress Tracker. This shows what percentage each track is to completion.

Fox Raceway development is in full swing. The heightmap has had to be 4097 x 2049 as Fox has a more rectangular shape overall and the pit area extends behind the start gate. So far, all the jumps, walls, rollers, berms and inside lines are complete. The next phase of heightmap work will be track edges and then it will be off track and pit environment then it will be time to texture.

I’ve been meaning to record a lap on Hangtown. I’ll get that done for the next update and hopefully by then I might have something to show from Fox too. For now, here’s where I’m at:

The track rides great. I have too many favourite sections to choose just one. It always amazes me how you don’t think something will work in game because it’s a game, but when you get in to test it rides just like it looks like it should from GoPro and Moto footage.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out the layout for 2020 since it changed from both 2019 AND the MX VS ATV Trackmap (that thing was useless). It also doesn’t help that other references for 2020 weren’t available – So when I get super stuck I have to refer to other games but this one was tough since as far as I can tell, there is no 2020 version of Fox in any game yet.

I actually recently bought MX VS ATV All Out and got the Pro Motocross DLC so I can go off track and check out some of the stuff they might have been able to map out in person. This will be helpful going forward especially when I move on to objects, and although they’ve done a great job with their replica tracks they’re still far from perfect so I’ll only be using them to reference off track and environment.


Track Progression: Hangtown Classic

Had to start somewhere so why not with Round 1 of the scheduled series. Hangtown Classic.

Since we didn’t ever get a Hangtown in 2020, I’m doing mostly 2019 with a couple of changes. I found a couple of GoPro’s and pictures of the track from 2020 and it looks like a few thing might have changed for 2020 if it had gone ahead. It looks like it’s straight down from Big Moe again rather than running back on itself and I prefer this as it’s more direct, faster, no awkward wall, so that’s what I’ve gone with.

Take a look below to see a comparison between Google Earth and L3DT, to demonstrate the level of accuracy I’m going for here. And it rides great too.

There aren’t going to be many other differences between 2019 and my 2020 version. The heightmap has been pretty much finished with exception of some clean ups, maybe a few inside lines and some roughness. Next step will be textures for which I’ll be overhauling what I’ve done in the past, and will be trying to knock up a good set of textures, normals and shades to use going forward.

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